medical & Pharmacy Software

Pharma Plus is an ERP software by Adwing Technologies It is designed for Pharma Retailers, Wholesalers, Chemists and Druggists, Medicine Shops, Hospital Dispensaries, Ayurvedic Medicine Dealers, Homoeopathy Drug Stores, and 24-hour medical shops.

The software helps to maintain stock accurately, manage financial accounts perfectly, and generate customer invoices beautifully. It also helps to easily calculate medicine schemes, deals, remember party-wise rate lists, keep a watch over expiry, maintain narcotics, schedule H, schedule H1 registers, make quick payments and even print cheques in a professional way.

Pharma Plus is fully integrated with GST right from GST Billing to Returns. It’s pretty easy to implement Pharma Plus software. No Accounts or computer training is required, no experience is required. Anyone with knowledge of basic computer operations can operate it very comfortably.